Welcome to The Clever Hound LLC!  I look forward to working with you and your dog in upcoming group classes.  Below are some suggestions and reminders to give you and your dog a great class experience.


What to bring:

  • Lots of small, soft dog treats.  Good brands include Zukes Mini Naturals and Pet Botanics Mini Training Rewards.  

  • A treat pouch is recommended, if not you will need easily accessible pockets.  Treat pouches are available for $15 at the first class if you don’t have one.

  • Water and a bowl for yourself and your dog.

  • Optional- a tug toy

  • A crate mat or bath mat will be needed in the later weeks for Clever Puppy or Clever Dog classes.  

  • Poop Bags- your are expected to clean up after your dog at all times.

  • A copy of your dog’s vet records if you are a new student and haven’t sent them previously.


Clickers will be provided. For scent work classes, a student supply kit is available for $10. This is not required, but will make it much easier to practice at home.


What to wear:

  • You should dress comfortably and wear sneakers or other closed toed shoes.  Flip flops, heels, or sandals are not recommended. For agility class, please wear running shoes.

  • Some activities for Scent Work class will be outdoors, so please dress accordingly. 

What your dog should wear:

  • Your dog will need a 4-6 foot leash (leather is recommended).

  • Your dog should wear a flat buckle or martingale collar, a front clip harness, or head halter. My favorite brands of front clip harness are the Dog Games Perfect Fit (available from www.cleanrun.com), Balance Harness, or Ruffwear Front Range. Other options include Sensible/Sensation harnesses and the Freedom No-Pull Harnesses, which are both available at Godfrey’s.  

  • Back clip harnesses are permitted for scent work classes and dogs under 15 pounds only. Electronic collars of any type are not permitted.  The use of choke or prong collars is very strongly discouraged.  If you are currently using these tools, I would be happy to help you transition to a non-aversive alternative.

  • For scent work classes, you may want a 10 foot line and a back clip harness.  I’ve had good success with Brilliant K9 or Comfort-flex harnesses.  

  • For agility, dogs must wear a plain buckle or quick release collar without tags or other attachments.


Other notes:

  • Monday classes are held in heated and air conditioned wheelchair accessible, facilities with rest rooms.  Tuesday classes are indoors are accessible, but please dress for the weather.  Wednesday classes are indoors in a downstairs room- please contact me if stairs are difficult for you or your dog.

  • Bitches in season may attend class in panties but you may be asked to bring a crate to use while intact male dogs are working off leash.

  • If you arrive early for a later class, please wait outside until the previous class has ended.  You are also welcome to come in quietly to observe, but please leave your dog in the car if you do this.  For Wednesday classes, please wait in the driveway without ringing the doorbell- we will walk you downstairs as a group.

  • I will try to make the decision on weather cancellations as early as possible.  I will send the initial cancellation notice by text or email and will follow up with phone calls if necessary.  Hopefully this will not be necessary.

  • Class fees are non-refundable.  Missed classes may be made up if a comparable class is offered on a different day of the week, but make ups are limited to this class session.  Missed CGC/ Trick Dog tests may be made up with the next set of classes.

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